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The Kitchen: Before


So due to the closing date and very unsympathetic landlords, our lease on our apartment goes until the end of April. In some ways, this is annoying ($$$$), but in other ways it is nice, namely so that we can take our sweet time moving.

Of course we do want to get in there soon because new!house! and to be rid of the small dog symphony* that happens every morning.

But there were a few rooms I wanted to paint before we got in there because I figured that would be easier. First room: the kitchen.




First things first, the wallpaper. I actually wouldn’t mind the weird hippie-flowery print if it wasn’t everywhere. It would have been okay on one wall, but more than one makes it start to hurt. Also the gingham pattern just adds to the…charm. 

Secondly, no, your monitor/eyes are not deceiving you, the cabinets are…

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Hot tips to buy property in Germany

I have decided not to give you ‘top ten tips’ to buy property. Simply because, in some countries the process is rather simple and there may be less than ten important tips to give you. While in some countries, there are so many things one has to keep in mind, that my top ten may well spread across to top twenty!

Let’s see what Germany has to offer…

  1. Research. This is not a new tip, by any means. But, I will keep reiterating the same thing. Reasearch, reasearch and more research. First of the location — find out as much as you can about your neighbourhood, how far it is from your basic requirements. for e.g., houses in Berlin offer great value for money. Homes in Munich are most expensive, while Frankfurt, being a financial center, offers a large choice. Next – a value estimate. Research on the price of the property for. It would be best to have it verified through a surveyor or an estimator. Decide between urban and rural property.
  2. Inspect the property. This is a must. Get it inspected thoroughly. This can be done by the real estate agent or broker you wish to appoint. Any renovations, damages, etc., need to be looked for. Check the heating systems, and make sure they adhere to the standards set out by the government.
  3. Annual Meeting Minutes. Get hold of some of the minutes of annual meetings between owners/ members in an apartment. Study them. It may sound a bit odd, but this gives a peek into the real situation at the apartment. You’d probably get to know some details that you might otherwise not know. All problems related to the apartment or the house itself will definitely be reflected in these reports and you will be aware of any future expenses, repairs or other work that need to be done.
  4. Employ a solicitor.  You will need one for several processes through the buying stages.  First, a contract will have to be drawn up, once a price has been agreed upon, by the solicitor. You can request that the contract be translated, in case you are not 100%  fluent in German. Furthermore, remember that all terms in the contract are variable, so you need your independent solicitior to negotiate well. Once the initial contract has been drawn up, there is no cooling off period, like in many countries.
  5. Multiple Agents. It’s definitely better not to sign an exclusivity contract with any one real estate agent. (This is an important advice, as read on another website). Also, a friend recently shifted to Germany and said that she found more options for apartments to choose from when she engaged different agents. Not only that, she strongly recommended that it’s bets to figure out the commission to be paid — how much and who pays! Of course, this also means you have to be alert as to pay only that agent that got you the house first!
  6. Costs. Remember that apart from the price for the property, you will have to pay the Notary fee, registration fee, taxes as applicable, and the administrative fees, etc. So be prepared.
  7. Down payments and loans. Some websites advice that you keep 20 per cent of the total costs aside as down payment. Do check with you banks regarding finances, interest rates and repayment terms.
  8. My best wishes to you.

That does it. Important tips in seven points! Do remember that these are just my tips. You have to however, follow the systems in place in the country you wish to buy property in!

Love Always


P.S: My Next Post: Property Buying tips in Sweden