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Tips to buy property in Switzerland

Here is something you simply must know before you start property search in Switzerland — the costs involved with property buying in Switzerland is higher than anywhere else in Europe. Not just that, general cost of living is also higher in Switzerland than in any other country in Europe. But then I assume you already know that, right? So here goes, some great tips to get that house you so want!

Property SearchSome hot tips

  1. Laws: Non Swiss citizen have several laws to abide by before a property is bought. You must obtain an authorisation from the Cantonal Authorities and from the Federal Department of Justice and Police, through a notary. This is because there is an annual quota for sale to non-Swiss citizens. Also, it’s worth knowing that if either you or your spouse is an EU citizen, Swiss residency is most likely to give you almost all rights as a Swiss citizen.
  2. Holiday home or permanent house?  It is very imperative that you decide what you are planning on buying. If it’s a holiday home, where you will stay on for a few months in a year, there are rules, and quotas. If it’s a permanent house, you will definitely have to show your stay permit, especially if you do not hold an EU/EFTA passport. However, this may lead you to a wild goose chase. Be warned.
  3. Price payable: This is usually done in stages, which is specified in the purchase agreement. Do go through it thoroughly.
  4. Location dependant. Remember the price you will have to pay depends on the location of your house. Of course, this is true in any part of the world.In Switzerland, the property market being small, the location of the property assumes greater importance.
  5. Loans: Do remember that local banks can loan up to two-thirds of the purchase price.
  6. Agent: A pice of good advice — identify and pick a good, trustworthy and experienced real estate agent early in this process. It eases out a lot of hassles and quickens the process, too.
  7. Taxes and rates. It is important to do a thorough research on the property taxes applicable in each town/ canton.. It may serve you well to know that the Canton of Zug, for example, has the lowest tax, and therefore, highest property price in all of Switzerland!

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P.S: Follow me to my next post: Property Buying tips in Belgium.

The Frozen Sea and Land Around

Black sea often gets frozen due to the sub zero temperatures in that region. The scene is a spectacular one as the gushing sea stands still as if following the commandment of a higher order!

Here are some stunning pictures, and they really make an impact on you, you might want to invest in property near by. Just for info, the Black Sea borders six countries — Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, The Ukraine, Russia and Georgia.

These pictures below are the coast off Odessa, the third largest city in Ukraine.

Very close to black sea, in Odessa, are fabulous apartments for sale as well as rent. Odessa boasts of providing several options to invest on residential real estate.

First, the fab pictures…

Odessa and Real Estate In Ukraine

The city of Odessa, is said to be very different from most cities we know. With a nightlife that claims vibrancy, beautiful beaches and museums, one can safely say that this city is meant to be enjoyed completely.

Reports say that real estate prices are now faling in Ukraine, making it the right time to invest in apartments. There are hoards of just completed residential houses, and also several under construction ones!

Ukraine has seen a real estate boom ever since the Orange Reveloution, way back in 1994. It has seen a lot of foreign investments in real estate in recent times, too.

Ukrainian property can also be bought through some real estate agencies without the buyer’s physical presence, through online services.

Nevertheless, buyers, especially of expensive property, prefer to make the deal in person.

However, as is the case with real estate purchases in any part of the world, the buyer must excersice caution before finalising any deal. Thofough research is required to be done. Not just that, it’s important that foreign investors keep all necessary documents in order and take extra care and precaution before buying property/ renting property or even giving out own property on lease.

Knowing France… contd.

Bonjour and welcome back to the second of the three part ‘Knowing France’ series. Get to know seven more provinces of France — some well known, and some unheard of. Have fun…


Capital: Ajjacio

  1. An island by itself.
  2. Excellent coastline and exceptional natural beauty makes for a great tourist destination.
  3. Fabulous, mild climate.


Capital: Besancon

  1. This region is the capital of France’s watch and clock-making industry and of high precision engineering.
  2. Montbéliard-Sochaux is home to the Peugeot car firm.
  3. Several traditional activities like cheese-making, woodwork, etc., make this region very popular.


Capital: Paris

  1. Includes about 18 per cent of France’s population.
  2. Highest concentration of economic activities, including industry and services. Also, all government departments, national headquarters of public authorities and the head offices of the main companies are located there.
  3. Paris houses a number of international organizations including UNESCO and the OECD.


Capital: Montpellier

  1. Important University centre.
  2. Currently in a revival mode thanks to the diversification of its agriculture, the expansion of tourism, the establishment of advanced technology industries and research.


Capital: Limoges

  1. Main activities are the agri-foodstuffs industry and the production of leather.
  2. Famous for the ‘Porcelaine de Limoges’ which produces luxury wares of world-wide renown.
  3. A special effort is being made to open up the region.


Capital: Metz

  1. This region was once known for the iron and Steel industry as well as the coal mines, on which its wealth was built.
  2. With the dwindling status of the industry, the region has faces a great amount of economic problems, but is now undergoing some far-reaching programs of industrial reconversion and diversification of activities.
  3. Nancy, in this region is a university centre.


Capital: Toulouse

  1. Largest of metropolitan France’s 22 regions.
  2. Toulouse is the main centre of France’s aerospace industry (the Airbus is assembled there).
  3. It is the second in importance for advanced technological activities in France (research, data-processing, computers, robotics).

Look out for the last part. Watch this space again.

SKI PROPERTIES — Where and why?

For an overseas property buy, a ski property may be the right decision. Reasons?

High demand in winter season, therefore, impressive amounts earned on rent. Snow mountains are now open through the year, owing to the varied activities in the warmer seasons, so again, an op to earn more rents!



  1. Top of the list destination
  2. Easy access with plenty of regional airports and low-cost airlines
  3. Excellent quality of the slopes
  4. Historical importance of the resorts
  5. Rugged scenery in the Pyrenees Modern resorts, again in the Pyrenees, with access to the Mediterranean and the Atlantic coasts.


  1. Improvement facilities currently and the challenge for the nomination for the 2014 Winter Olympics.
  2. Great for beginners and families.
  3. Pamporovo is the most southerly ski resort in Europe and has good weather.


  1. Offers a wide range of supplementary winter sports choices, from snowmobiling to snowshoeing.
  2. One of the few places in the world where there is still plenty enough space to get good and lost in the countryside and enjoy the clean air.
  3. Properties often promise to be grander than in Europe.

So, where can one find ALL the available ski homes across the world?

Neral – A residential Hotspot

Neral - at the foot of lush green hills


It’s best known as a railroad junction. For nature enthusiasts, this place is a paradise en route to Matheran, a very popular hill station cradled in the Sahyadris, just on the outskirts of the bustling commercial capital of India, Mumbai.

This lush green town, set right in the middle of the looming Sahyadri Mountains around it, is a railroad junction with trains arriving from Mumbai and Pune and a narrow-gauge rail line, 21 km long, running upto Matheran, with a huge amount of NA (non agricultural) plots available for sale, in varied sizes.

So, what makes Neral a hotspot for residential projects?

Upcoming Infrastructural projects like the International Airport

A centre for nearby major destinations like Badlapur, Kalyan, Karjat…

Plots available at very cheap rates

Attractive weekend tourist spot for hiking, river rafting, mountain bi-cycling and jungle trekking.

Having a home in Neral is sure to guarantee the view of the beautiful Shayadri mountain range.
Where else can one find MOUNTAIN VIEW homes? We’ll have to wait and watch!


More and more first generation Indian citizens are now making an educated and informed choice of living in retirement homes… What are they? Where are they?.. READ ON to know more…

Life post retirement is indeeed raring to be an exciting stage of life, one can look forward to. It’s no more a phase where you ‘retire’ into the forest, so to speak, or lead  a lonely life. If you have lived an active social life all your youthful days, why not continue with it even when you are old. Building retirement communities and living within one, is a lifestyle choice many  senior citizens opt for today. This choice provides them with the much needed independence as well as the security and care-taking required for them!

Honestly, it’s a beautiful choice!

And, there are plenty of options, today, in India!

“I decided to move into a senior citizen’s home, a few years after my retirement. I wanted both of us (his wife and himself) to experience the joys of retirement and go through the leanings together,” says K S Mani, who shifted base from a bustling suburb in Mumbai, to SSM Home Residency, in the outskirts of Chennai, along with his wife, “And, we are very happy with our decision!”

Retirement homes, such as the one mentioned above, provide a comfortable life with a  whole lot of amenities and a perfect ambience well suited for senior citizens. These retirement homes are complete with spacious apartments/ cottages, friendly and efficient staff, central kitchen that provide healthy food, doctor-on-call and medical facilities, community activities, wellness programmes, libraries, spacious and healthy surroundings, and above all the opportunity to move about with like-minded people!

Increase of nuclear families, longer lives among people, higher income levels,etc., on the one hand, and a stress-free life — absence of daily household chores, safe and secure atmosphere, timely and efficient medical help, etc., — offered by these senior citizens’ homes, have created a great demand for retirement homes in India.

To be noted, is the fact that these retirement homes, or senior citizen’s homes, as they are called, are way different from traditional old age homes. The former is a choice made by mainly affluent older people, who want their freedom; while the latter are homes for those abandoned by their own families!


  • Homes can be purchased or leased
  • Only for citizens above 60 years of age (in some case, 55 + are also welcomed
  • Designed to cater to all needs of older people — physical, social, etc.
  • Medical help at hand at all times
  • Some homes cater specifically to a particular community. Here, there is an advantage of easy bonding among residents through similar cultural and social habits, etc.


  • TAMIL NADU — Several retirement residencies and townships have grown around cities like Coimbatore, Chennai, Madurai.
  • KARNATAKA — Townships have been developed around Bangalore – Mysore-Hosur belt, Hunsur area, Belgaum belt, Mangalore, etc.
  • MAHARASHTRA — Around Pune has witnessed the springing up of a whole lot of retirement homes.
  • GOA


  • Mainly depends on the locality, especially in cases of outright purchases
  • For leasing, the deposit is anywhere between Rs 5 lakh to Rs 12 Lakhs, which is refundable; plus monthly charges ranging approximately between Rs 5,000/- to Rs. 8000/-.
In depth information on  retirement homes, across the globe, will soon be available on Log on and register before the launch.