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More and more first generation Indian citizens are now making an educated and informed choice of living in retirement homes… What are they? Where are they?.. READ ON to know more…

Life post retirement is indeeed raring to be an exciting stage of life, one can look forward to. It’s no more a phase where you ‘retire’ into the forest, so to speak, or lead  a lonely life. If you have lived an active social life all your youthful days, why not continue with it even when you are old. Building retirement communities and living within one, is a lifestyle choice many  senior citizens opt for today. This choice provides them with the much needed independence as well as the security and care-taking required for them!

Honestly, it’s a beautiful choice!

And, there are plenty of options, today, in India!

“I decided to move into a senior citizen’s home, a few years after my retirement. I wanted both of us (his wife and himself) to experience the joys of retirement and go through the leanings together,” says K S Mani, who shifted base from a bustling suburb in Mumbai, to SSM Home Residency, in the outskirts of Chennai, along with his wife, “And, we are very happy with our decision!”

Retirement homes, such as the one mentioned above, provide a comfortable life with a  whole lot of amenities and a perfect ambience well suited for senior citizens. These retirement homes are complete with spacious apartments/ cottages, friendly and efficient staff, central kitchen that provide healthy food, doctor-on-call and medical facilities, community activities, wellness programmes, libraries, spacious and healthy surroundings, and above all the opportunity to move about with like-minded people!

Increase of nuclear families, longer lives among people, higher income levels,etc., on the one hand, and a stress-free life — absence of daily household chores, safe and secure atmosphere, timely and efficient medical help, etc., — offered by these senior citizens’ homes, have created a great demand for retirement homes in India.

To be noted, is the fact that these retirement homes, or senior citizen’s homes, as they are called, are way different from traditional old age homes. The former is a choice made by mainly affluent older people, who want their freedom; while the latter are homes for those abandoned by their own families!


  • Homes can be purchased or leased
  • Only for citizens above 60 years of age (in some case, 55 + are also welcomed
  • Designed to cater to all needs of older people — physical, social, etc.
  • Medical help at hand at all times
  • Some homes cater specifically to a particular community. Here, there is an advantage of easy bonding among residents through similar cultural and social habits, etc.


  • TAMIL NADU — Several retirement residencies and townships have grown around cities like Coimbatore, Chennai, Madurai.
  • KARNATAKA — Townships have been developed around Bangalore – Mysore-Hosur belt, Hunsur area, Belgaum belt, Mangalore, etc.
  • MAHARASHTRA — Around Pune has witnessed the springing up of a whole lot of retirement homes.
  • GOA


  • Mainly depends on the locality, especially in cases of outright purchases
  • For leasing, the deposit is anywhere between Rs 5 lakh to Rs 12 Lakhs, which is refundable; plus monthly charges ranging approximately between Rs 5,000/- to Rs. 8000/-.
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