Knowing France

France is a very big, diverse country. Each province is very different from one another. If you ever want to live in France, you have to first understand which province might suit you best.

The best part is that all of France has very good properties to live in. So whichever province/ region you choose, you may find lovely apartments or chateaux!

In all, there are 22 provinces in France.

Here is an interesting run through to pick the right province — The first of the three part series…



  1. Links France to Germany.
  2. Highly diversified (engineering, textiles, chemicals, breweries, etc.).
  3. Strasbourg is the home of the European Parliament on whose presence it seeks to increase its development.


Capital: Bordeaux

  1. Famous for the vineyards and pines forests.
  2. Has a varied coastline, therefore a tourist region — Biarritz, St Jean-de-Luz, Arcachon.
  3. Fresh impetus has been given by the new TGV train.


Capital: Clermont-Ferrand

  1. Heart of France.
  2. Mountainous region, so relatively isolated.
  3. Tourist region, owing to natural spas.


Capital: Dijon

  1. A great thoroughfare on the European north-south axis.
  2. Offers a wide variety of activities in agriculture – wines, beef cattle, etc.
  3. Known for architectural treasures.


Capital: Rennes

  1. Well developed road and rail links.
  2. The cities have new industries — motor vehicle plants, engineering and electronics.
  3. Plays a significant role in France’s fishing industry.


Capital: Orleans

  1. High agricultural potential.
  2. Important tourism region because of historic heritage (Chateaux of the Loire, Chartres cathedral, etc.)


Capital: Châlons-sur-Marne

  1. Abundant in cereal crops and vineyards.
  2. Famous for Champagne production

These were just seven of France’s region. Watch this space for the next part! Au Revoir!

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